Our Woks

  Ceiling panel

You can select various colors with wooden finish.
  • Finishing Ceiling
  • Finishing Ceiling- Europe Series
  • Finishing Ceiling- Marble Series
  • Finishing Ceiling- Solid Series
  • Finishing Ceiling- Flat Series

Fixing Amano Gutters, Flashing & down pipe

We use high quality 0.47-gauge Korean sheets for fixing gutters & Flashing & down pipes. This is done with AZ 150 union Steel or N Steel with 8” or 1’ width valance board according to your requirements. We provide 10 years warranty for this. Products can be produced with Chinese sheets with no warranty. 

  I-roof roofing sheets

I-roof provides you healthful life. This has more demand in the market now. These products are more attractive, durable, less noisy from the rain, strong, fire resistant. This is more heat resistant because of the ASA layer. As this has natural roof tile shape, I-roofs provide attractive appearance. This makes cooler by avoiding IR & UV rays.

Pantry Cupboards

We undertake installation of pantry cupboard only from cladding boards with white colour or wooden finish as per customer’s requirements. We provide 20 years warranty for our products.